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001 Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet 24-inch Premium Long-Stemmed Roses

Give love with roses

They leave you breathless with every kiss. Sweep them off their feet with 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses from  Ecuador   premium class . Each stem flaunts the beauty of their beautiful swirling petals,

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2,1 A Designer's Choice
Can't decide what to send? Let one of our talented designers create a custom arrangement for your loved one using the seasons best blooms!  Please specify if you have a colour preference in the special instruction area when ordering with one of the following: "Soft pastels", "Bright & Vibrant", "Whites, Creams & Greens", or "Monochromatic _____". You may also advise us of any flowers that you would not like included, such as "no lilies".
3 Vibrant Color Bouquet - FLEURS COULEUR VIBRANT


  we can help you send your special someone a vibrant color  gift today.

Designer’s Choice Bouquet is designed by our top designer who carefully chooses flowers that are in season from either local farmers, growers and wholesalers. These aren’t any bouquets that you can find at a grocery store wrapped in plastic, these bouquets are carefully hand selected and arranged in a manner that you simply place them in your vessel to get the most enjoyment from.

Gala Luxury Bouquet - Deluxe


12 There's somethings about simplicity that just off the sense elegance. Comprised of classic white blooms and greens set in a subtle blue heavyweight glass vase, the pure beauty of the bouquet instantly draws you in . White roses , snapdragons,and hydrangea capture a truly refined bouquet. IMPRESSIVE bouquet is approx. 17 H x 17 W . STANNING bouquet  is approx. 18 H x 19 W . Your purchase includes a complimentary  personalized gift message.

Flower arrangements and bouquets may differ slightly from their presentations. Additional flowers and plants can be added. (conditions apply)





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